Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wiley - Hack Attacks Revealed - Download ebook

The primary objective of this book is to lay a solid foundation from which to explore the world of security. Simply, this book tells the truth about hacking, to bring awareness about the so-called Underground, the hacker’s community, and to provide the tools for doing so.
The book is divided into six parts:
· Part 1: In the Beginning
· Part 2: Putting It All Together
· Part 3: Uncovering Vulnerabilities
· Part 4: Hacking Security Holes
. Part 5: Vulnerability Hacking Secrets
. Part 6: The Hacker’s Toolbox
Evaluators of this book have suggested that this book it may become a required reference for managers, network administrators (CNAs, MCPs), network engineers (CNEs, MCSEs), internetworking engineers (CCNA/P, CCIEs), even interested laypeople. The material in this book will give the members in each of these categories a better understanding of how to hack their network vulnerabilities.
Download this book in digital format.

ebook info;
Hack Attacks Revealed A Complete Reference with Custom Security Hacking Toolkit
by John Chirillo
Wiley Publications
ebook format: PDF
ISBN-10: 0-471-41624-X

Download this ebook here:
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