Thursday, December 13, 2007

Syngress - Hack Proofing your Network - Download ebook

Called "a bold, unsparing tour of information that never serves from the practical", this updated and considerably expanded bestseller will quickly achieve top shelf placement on your information security bookshelf. Hack Proofing Your Network, Second Edition shows you that the only way to stop a hacker is to think like one.
- Know the Laws of Security
- Learn the Seven Categories of Attack
- Prevent Diffing
- Learn about Standard Cryptographic Algorithms
- Understand Format String Vulnerabilities
- Read About Session Hijacking Types
- Understand the Strategic Constraints of Tunnel Design
- Hack Proof Your Hardware
- Download a Free Sniffer from the Book's Web Site

Book info:
Hack Proofing your Network
by David R. Mirza Ahmad, Ido Dubrawsky, Hal Flynn,
Joseph “Kingpin” Grand, Robert Graham, Norris L. Johnson, Jr., K2,
Dan “Effugas” Kaminsky, F. William Lynch, Steve W. Manzuik, Ryan Permeh,
Ken Pfeil, Rain Forest Puppy, Syngress Publications,
ebook format: PDF
ISBN-10: 1-928994-70-9

Download this ebook here:
Click and Download link - 7.9MB

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